When you look out the windows, you can see our walled garden. On the other side there is a meadow with fruit trees and cows.

In front of the house there is the Maria Church. This Protestant church is a brick building in the shape of a cross. The oldest part of the church, the west tower, dates from the middle of the 14th century. The most recent restoration is completed in 2011. The original clapper of the biggest clock from 1763 is recently recovered. In the second World War the clocks were brought to Groningen, and after the war one of the clappers was kept by a peasant in Nisse. This one is now being used again.

Nisse or Ter Nisse is one of the oldest villages in the Zak van Zuid-Beveland. Already in the 12th century there was a parish here. The impressive St. Mary’s Church, right in front of our house, dates back to the beginning of the 15th century. The square with the drinking point or vaete is one of the most beautiful in Zeeland. It is a protected village.